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Each Qute Fix hat is hand selected and equipped with a piece of an unique patent protected technology. Our technology can also be installed inside your own hat, refer to create your own for more information. It is very discreet, flat, and comfortable.



 Each Hair unit is hand-crafted using top grade hair. Keep in mind you can always supply your own hair, visit Create Your Own for more details. Hair pieces come in a variety of colors, lengths and styles that are all lightweight and natural looking. They attach seamlessly to any hat that has our uniquely designed technology installed by Qute Fix.



Dress your Qute Fix up or down! Be the face behind any hat or hairstyle you choose. Do you have bad hair days? Or do you like to switch up your look constantly? Maybe you just want a break from the lace wigs or full sew in techniques. Customize any hair + hat combinations to meet your needs! We look forward to servicing you, book an appointment today to get custom fitted for a Qute Fix.

Q & A


Q & A


  • How long does my Qute Fix take to ship?   It takes 3-5 business days for the items sold in the WEAR NOW or the MIX AND MATCH shopping category. It takes up to 3 weeks (21) calendar business days for customized Hat Hair units to be Shipped. We strive for prompt customer service.  
  • If my Qute Fix does not fit me comfortably can I get a refund?   You will have 5 calendar days to return an item you don’t want for a full refund -minus shipping and handling return fee. We allow 14 calendar days for any exchanges. After 14 days has expired there are no refunds or exchanges. Please refer to terms and conditions for concerns.
  •  Can I wear my hat without hair?   Yes! you can wear any hat in our collection without hair. If you have a favorite hat of your own that we have customized, you can also wear it without hair. 
  • Can I wear Qute Fix hair without a hat?   No! if you purchase a hair unit from qutefix.com or at a pop-up shop, you must purchase a hat from us or bring in your own for customization. 
  • I have a work hat that I would like to use! How do I get it customized?   We customize any hat. Simply mail in or drop your hat, or hat/hair off to the Pink Diamond Beauty Mall located at 17350 Livernois Detroit Mi, 48221. Or Drop off products at Laid Hair Salon located in Taylor Mi. Please refer to salon establishment business hours for drop off times.  
  • Can I shampoo my hair unit?    Yes you can shampoo the hair units. Although the synthetic hair pieces may not be recommended it can be done if you are not abrasive to the hair strands soaking hair in mild shampoo water, rinsing it, and allowing it to air dry, is recommended for some hairpieces. 
  • What if my hat flies off!    Wearing a Qute Fix Hair Hat actually makes your hat more secure and snug. Maybe if you are only wearing a hat without a hair unit inside you may loose it under extreme weather conditions. 
  • Where can I wear a Qute Fix?    Any place where hats are permitted 
  • What happens to my hat if I drop it off at one of your designated drop spot locations?   Qute Fix picks up your products shortly after your drop off. We install a special technology to the inside of your hat. This special technology is very discrete to the public eye. But allows your hat to be transformation able. If you send in hair we will create a hair piece out of the hair you supply to adjacently go inside of your hat.
  •  I wear my hair natural and I don’t like wearing weaves! What makes Qute Fix right for me?  Wearing a Qute Fix in replace of a weave or traditional wig is perfect for you. There is no commitment to the weave when attaching it to your hat. Also, you can wear natural twist outs or protective hairstyles under your Qute Fix.
  •  Is wearing a Qute Fix like wearing a wig?   Yes, it is the same concept. Wearing a Qute Fix can be more comfortable on a hot day than wearing a wig or can give you warmth on a cold day. Qute Fix hair hats are also more comfortable, convenient, and stylish than many wigs